Economic Impact

WVHA funding supports over 150 employees of local agencies — people who live and work right here in West Volusia.

WVHA also encourages funded agencies to work together to combine resources and reduce costs.  Our goal is to keep costs down and keep your tax dollars close to home.

WVHA has extremely low administrative overhead. Over 90% of WVHA funds are applied directly to patient care.


  • WVHA commissioners are elected for four-year terms, and are not compensated for their service.
  • The WVHA has no employees, but contracts for accounting, legal, and administrative services.
  • The maximum millage (tax) rate that can legally be levied by the WVHA is 4 mills. The FY 2019 rate is well below that, at 2.1751 mills.
  • The WVHA usually meets on the third Thursday of the month at a duly noticed location. All members of the public are welcome to attend.
  • The WVHA fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30. Two hearings are held in September to determine the tax rate and budget for the following year, and these hearings are also open to the public.
  • The WVHA does not directly own or manage any hospital or clinic. It provides funding to hospitals and not for profit agencies to support health care for eligible low-income residents of the taxing district.


Contact The House Next Door for an appointment.
386-232-2055 DeLand ext. 1109 or 1122, Pierson ext. 1109 or Deltona ext. 3206 or 3201