About Us

The West Volusia Hospital Authority (WVHA) is a special taxing district established by the State of Florida to provide access to health care for the qualified indigent residents of the taxing district.  The enabling legislation can be found here [http://laws.flrules.org/files/Ch_2004-421.pdf].  It is funded by ad valorem (property) taxes, and uses its funding to provide access to health care as follows:

The WVHA grants funding to Florida Hospital DeLand and Florida Hospital-Fish Memorial through a 20-year contract signed in September 2000.  WVHA also contracts with the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to obtain matching funds for its grants to the hospitals and some other funded agencies. In fiscal year 2013-14 the taxing district realized an additional $6,938,633.00 in State/Local matching dollars.

WVHA also provides funding to Northeast Florida Health Services, Inc. (DBA Family Health Source), a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), to provide primary care and dental services to low-income residents of West Volusia.
In fiscal year 2013-14, the FQHC and hospitals served 2,937 WVHA Health Card patients at an annualized average cost per patient of $2,978.47.  47,466 units of service were delivered to these patients at an average cost of $184.30 per unit.

FL Kidcare tradeshowMEDICAID AND HCRA
Additionally, the WVHA fulfills the obligation of Volusia County to fund Medicaid claims and Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA) claims for residents of West Volusia.  Because the WVHA focuses solely on health care issues, it is well-positioned to make sure Medicaid and HCRA claims are filed accurately, paid promptly, and handled efficiently to keep administrative costs to a minimum.

    In fiscal year 2013-14, The WVHA granted funding to the following local agencies that serve the health care needs of our community:
    •    Good Samaritan Clinics – primary and dental care by an all-volunteer staff
    •    The House Next Door – community based mental health services

    •     The Neighborhood Center – feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, prevent homelessness, and provide access to health care
      •    Haven Recovery Center – treatment for adults recovering from substance abuse and mental health disorders
      •    Stuart Marchman-ACT – behavioral health care services
      •    Volusia County Health Department Prenatal Services – serving low-income expectant mothers
      •    Healthy Communities – facilitating access to health care for children of low-income families, and providing health education
      In total, WVHA funding enabled the hospitals, clinics and other funded agencies to serve 7,413 patients in fiscal year 2013-14, at an annualized average cost per patient of $1,285.34. 59,065 units of service were delivered at an average cost per unit of service of $161.32.